Stats For Nerds:

Decrypt Fails: 0
Decrypt Score: 1
Analyze Fails: 0
Analyze Score: 1
Total Score: 1
Badge: Gold
Military Cyber Initiave // AnalyzeLevel:: 01 - 03
Mission Brief //

Phase 1 - Decipher & Assign

Overview //

Military intelligence specialists have used top-secret methods to collect an encrypted asset of interest — FINDING MSG. It appears to be encoded with a cipher that is partially known to your team.

Instructions //
  1. Study the partially encoded message for language cues.
  2. Select the encrypted characters, then use the cipher wheel to decode each character and reveal the entire message.

Remember: If you need help during your mission, open the help menu.

Decoding Failed

The symbol was assigned to the incorrect position.

System secure

Hacker found.

Strike team is targeting the location.

Hacker still on the loose.

Mission failed.